[MPlayer-users] OT - rm format open?

SoulEdge souledge at brujula.net
Tue Jul 23 02:15:01 CEST 2002

i dunno if you already read this, but look at the register
[ www.theregister.co.uk ] 

Bruce Perens on Real's Open Source gambit
By Andrew Orlowski in London
Posted: 22/07/2002 at 17:04 GMT 

Real Networks is announcing plans to release some, but not all of its 
technology under an Open Source-friendly license within 90 days. Under 
pressure from Microsoft, and completely open formats, it's decided to meet 
the open source community halfway. 

The first batch of technology to be released under a new "community license" 
is expected to include RTSP/RTP/RTCP/SDP network playback, UDP support, 
local file playback, data type interfaces, file format interfaces and some 
AV code support. 

"We're getting some network protocols that go on top of IP and UDP, and do 
their best to provide continuous playback despite the fact that the Internet 
doesn't guarantee throughput or latency," OSI founder and former Debian 
project lead Bruce Perens told us. 


no more copying realplayer's codecs into mplayer, maybe?
i would really like to see MPlayer beating the crap out of RP. 

My mileage may have varied a lot, but corrently if i wanna open
a large realplayer file ( i mean big resolution ) the video
lags behind the audio, the playback is kinda crappy,
and i'm forced to use realplayer for this... 

i would guess a mplayer-native codec would work even better
than the original player. can't wait to see it ;o) 

ok ok enough OT bull for today ;oP 



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