[MPlayer-users] Re: best encoder ?

Karsten Müller kmu at ratio.de
Mon Jul 22 23:07:01 CEST 2002

Martin Hoffmann wrote:

>>Hmmm...never saw something like that... but I'll try :) Does it have an
>>effect on the resulting size ?
> It sometimes has heavy blocks on fast moving scenes since the encoder spends 
> most bits on interlacing-lines ...

>>>btw: When using XVID with interlacing turned on, you do not need to
>>>deinterlace an the picture will look more sharp (no motion blurring) -
>>>However if you do not intend to playback on tv set then deinterlacing is
>>>the best method !

OIC, but since I *do* intend to do playback on TV, what side effects are
there, if any ?

>>What will be different in the new version you mentioned ?
> + It will feature a config option to let the user decide which encoder to use 
> (lavc / divx / xvid) and use the appropriate syntax for mencoder.

That'd be a great step ahead :)

> + Correct Aspect Ratio sacling in case of 16:9 material (current is not 
> exactly :-()

Hopefully this will be a configurable option ? Since I crop my
"cinemascoped" movies an aspect ratio would be no good idea ;)


> So, cropping is heard to do automatically, since i have no way to analyze 
> pictures :-( Rescaling could be added depending on wanted_size and length of 

You do have a way to analyse the pictures using something like

mencoder -cropdetect -i mymovie.mpg -frames 500 -o yugga.avi

but this is far away from being perfect since f.e. a TV stations logo
which appears in the black area lets "cropdetect" think, the movie
starts at that vertical position... But cropping by hand is *very*
effective resulting in a much smaller sized AVI :)

> the movie ... But that's future todo :-)
> At the moment i'm focussing on encoding interlaced xvid which gives BEST 
> results for series (like Star Trek)

I didn't try that codec yet. I *very* much like "lavc" because it gives
me up to 65 fps on encoding and offers quite remarkable results in
quality :)

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