[MPlayer-users] XVideo hang on Savage chipset

DarkAveng darkaveng at darkaveng.cjb.net
Mon Jul 22 00:44:02 CEST 2002

After updating to the latest CVS version, a problem has popped up with 
my Savage card: "-vo xv" causes a hard system hang (I mean, I've got to 
hard reset).
The funny thing is, this is _not_ MPlayer's fault, at least not 
completely. The XVideo implementation of the savage X driver is known to 
have problems that cause a hang like the one I mentioned, though 
MPlayer, unlike xine, had NEVER suffered from them up to 2 days ago. I 
do therefore guess that this must be related to some recent changes in 
libvo. It must be noted, however, that even using vo_xv.c from pre5 
(which worked flawlessly) does NOT solve the problem.
So, basically, my XVideo setup has not changed, and it always had worked 
perfectly with MPlayer. "-vo sdl -forcexv" DOES work.
Has anyone else experienced similar problems?

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