[MPlayer-users] muxing vorbis audio with mencoder?

Arpi arpi at thot.banki.hu
Sat Jul 20 22:24:02 CEST 2002


> > i also don't know the samples-per-packet value for the ogg stream, it was
> >From my skimming of the vorbis spec, it seems to be anywhere between
> 256 and 8192, in power-of-two increments. Flexible window size is one
> of the big benefits of ogg. Will just an average value for
> samples-per-packet work ok in avi?

if this value is constant over a single file (maybe an option to vorbis to
use constant value?) then its' ok. if it's variable over time, it's broken
then. we may could group some big amount of samples together, for example
65536 samples (so append as many vorbis frame to get ~65536 samples) and put
it to a single avi chunk, and assume 65536 samples/packet. of course, if
packet 1 has 512 more samples than 65536, then next one should try to reach
65536-512, so error on packet size must be distributed.

avi requires either CBR (constant bytes/packet) or VBR (constant
samples/packet). vbr with variable samples/packet is not supported, unless
you group them together to get psuedo-constant s/p

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