[MPlayer-users] DVB-s/DVD/mp3/vdr-Box

Steffen stef22 at gmx.de
Sat Jul 20 11:36:01 CEST 2002

Hi there !

Because a lot of you have more knowledge in hardware than me I will ask here. 
If there is another good place to ask and I'm totally wrong here, please give 
me an advice ...

I plan to build a Multimedia-Box for watching TV over DVB-s and play 
DVD/divx/all sort of avi ... It will run Linux with mplayer/vdr/maybe ogle 
till mplayer-dvdnav work. TV-Out should be over the dvb-s-card and now i'm 
tottally confused on what mainboard to use. 

First I thought to use a via eden, but since I dont trust in the performance 
of that board , I asked my computer-store on what he have. Now I see there a 
celeron A with 1,1GHz (85 EUR) and maybe a Gigabyte 6veml (via 
ple133/VGA,ac97,RTL8100-LAN onboard)(81 EUR) or a 6iem (only with ac97 
onborad and i815e chipset) (109 EUR) 

It should be very quite and run stable. Has anyone tried such a thing, does 
anybody know a good address on where to ask, or anyone an advice on what to 
buy ?

Thanks in advance 


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