[MPlayer-users] mplayer on Zaurus

Arpi arpi at thot.banki.hu
Fri Jul 19 22:27:02 CEST 2002


> 1. sound - well it kind of is bad. it works fine sometimes, but that is by 
> specifying many multple options.
probably driver problem

> 2. some go really slow - which codecs are integer based vs which are float 
> based? (more specifically is lame's libmp3 float based?)
lame's libmp3? what the hell. i remember something like mp3 decoder in lame,
but it isn't separated from liblame, and is not supported by mplayer for
decoding. mplayer's mp3lib is based on mpg123, and is float (sse/3dnow)
based. if you need integer, try libmad or libavcodec's mp3 decoder, afaik
both int based (-ac help).

> 3. no gui (of course, because it has qtopia (Qt embedded)) is anyone working 
> on a qt-based gui or fb-based gui? 

> 5. -vop scale works wonderfully on some files, and doesn't on others. (same 
> with flip, rotate)

> 6. -ao oss (sound support is 44100 KHz, 16-bit, stereo) get message 
> "audio_setup: driver doesn't support SNDCTL_DSP_GETOSPACE" 
it's bad, very bad! as GETOSPACE is used to sync video to audio in mplayer.
without it playback gets jerky (people with soundcard with buggy drivers
already know this) - on linux the workaround is using SDL over OSS.

> 7. Is anyone working on an esd output or only the one via SDL? (I have gotten 
afaik no one.

> libSDL to compile, but can't get some other libraries to.) if not, is there 
> any documentation for writing a audio driver?
no, but check any ao_* source, and read DOCS/tech/tech-eng.txt libao2 section

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