[MPlayer-users] Closed Captions: I MADE IT!

DarkAveng darkaveng at darkaveng.cjb.net
Fri Jul 19 20:04:02 CEST 2002

I succeeded (well, at least it works for me)!
I have added the CC decoder as a new file (sub_cc.c and sub_cc.h), and 
modified video.c so as to pass my decoder the needed data.
The CC decoder can be activated or deactivated by setting a variable 
accessible through sub_cc.h (subcc_enable).
For the time being, it uses normal OSD display (and it works, thanks Arpi!).
And I am quite satisfied with that, as I really don't care about 
subtitle colors and so on (it was not a priority anyway).
So, if someone wants to implement a wholly new renderer in order to take 
into account the different control codes from the CC stream, i sure 
won't get angry :-)
It must also be noted that, since I'm using normal OSD display, I 
interpreted PAC codes (which define the "cursor position" and so on) 
simply as newlines, as all the DVDs I tested it on (3 region 1 DVDs) 
worked flawlessly under this assumption, which I must admit is ugly to 
say the least.
So, while the correct solution is, of course, to implement a new 
renderer, I must leave it to someone else since I'm pretty busy with 
university at the moment.
There is one thing left to do in order to really make it usable: adding 
a command-line parameter in order to enable the decoder.
I don't really have time to do it now, though.

So, what should I do? Upload the files to the FTP?
Just tell me...

P.S. as for A'rpi's question about how it is possible not to display any 
CC subtitle, there is a "EDM" (erase displayed memory) CC control code 
that does just that.

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