[MPlayer-users] mencoder a/v sync issues

Bryan J. Opfer mplayer at bopfer.com
Thu Jul 18 21:35:02 CEST 2002

I am having some issues with audio/video sync in my divx files that I am
making with mencoder.  I am using a combination of mjpegtools, lame, and
mencoder to get my DV files converted to divx with mp3 audio.

The divx files are prefect up until around the 20 minute mark.  Then the
sync problems come in.  First it is a little out of sunc, then as the
video goes on it gets to about 1 second out of sync.  The video is ahead
of the audio.

Here are the packages that I have installed:

mjpegtools-1.6.0 (tarball)
MPlayer-0.90pre5 (tarball)
lame-devel-3.91-fr3 (rpm)
lame-3.91-fr3 (rpm)
win32 codecs

Here are the commands I am running to get from DV to divx:

# dvgrab --format dv2 testDV.avi
# lav2wav testDV.avi | lame -b 192 - test.mp3
# lav2yuv testDV.avi | yuvdenoise -F -f | yuvscaler -O SIZE_480x352 | 
  mencoder -lavcopts vcodec=mpeg4:vbitrate=1800:vhq:keyint=250 
           -o testDIVX.avi -audiofile test.mp3 -

I have tried it on three different machines with the same sync problems.
I have also tried the "-ofps 30" option and tried changing the keyint
to 30.  Neither had any effect. The DV is 30fps video and 48kHz audio.

I have done hundreds of DV->MPEG2 converstions to make DVDs and have
not have one sync problem.  So, I am sure my DV capture and mjpegtools
work fine.

I put the mencoder output on my website at:

I can put the divx file up there too if needed.

Anyone have any thoughts on how I can fix my sync.

Bryan Opfer

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