[MPlayer-users] DVD RPC (fwd)

Zdik Kudrle zdeeck at borg.cz
Wed Jul 17 17:19:01 CEST 2002

> > no. the driver uses the region code for authentication, but libdvdcss
> > somehow 'workarounds' it, and 'login' into the driver without it...
> HmmHmm, it's quite strange though :) At least my kernel got I/O errors in
> the IDE channel because of region code mismatch (according to eg output of
> 'dmesg'). Nevermind, however it's quite strange topic ... The 'somehow'
> in your sentence is also will be interesting to know exactly the way :)


AFAIK the drives do region code check in firmware themselves (well
that's probably the reason why so many guys (girls:) are making
region-free firmwares on the net). But it's also known that some
no-name manufacturers (mostly Taiwan, HK) are selling region-lock-free
drives (and of course DVD association is pretty pissed off by this) due to
some mistake in DVD Drive Manufacturer License ver.1 (they say new license
should be out this year forbidding this).

By the way, is still somebody concerned in A-V sync problem with MPEG2
(DVD) playing with MPlayer (I promised to send some some problematic MPEG2
file, but I actually haven't enough time/bandwith for this, maybe by end
of the month)

Mr. Zdeeck

PS: sorry to Gabor, I've replied to wrong adress :-(

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