[MPlayer-users] fullscreen on file change

Kolbe Kegel kolbe at kolbekegel.com
Wed Jul 17 05:01:01 CEST 2002

I apologize profusely in advance if this problem has been addressed. I 
searched throught the mailing list archives and the documentation, but I 
found no mention. The problem is this:

When I list multiple files on the command line for mplayer to play, and 
then change the playback window to fullscreen with the "f" key, after 
every file change the new file is displayed in the upper left corner of 
the screen and the rest of the screen appears blue. If i hit "f" twice, 
it changes back to normal mode and then again to fullscreen playback 
which functions as expected until the file changes. Actually this brings 
up another problem that I've been having. Sometimes when I change a 
movie to fullscreen it just goes away. Then I put focus the terminal 
that i started it in or the gui panel and press "f" and the movie 
returns in normal size playback. Sometimes if if hold down "f" so that 
the key even is sent repeatedly to mplayer, it will cycle between normal 
size playback and "nothing" until it finally is shown fullscreen. This 
is all in X using the blackbox window manager, vo=xv, and the nvidia 
graphics drivers on my ASUS V7700 video card.

If either of these problems are known, I apologize for wasting 
everyone's time. If not, I will be happy to follow the bug reporting 
guidelines and submit all of the information about my machine.



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