[MPlayer-users] DVD RPC

DarkAveng darkaveng at darkaveng.cjb.net
Wed Jul 17 01:31:01 CEST 2002

I'm experiencing quite a strange behaviour with DVD reading (at least I 
think it's strange...).
I have a matshita UJDA710 DVDROM/CDRW combo drive in my laptop, which is 
unmistakably a RPC2 drive (it's reported as RPC2 both by winblows tools 
and by regionset). Now, the question is: if it is RPC2 (and set to 
Region 2), how can it play region 1 DVDs (tried a couple) WITHOUT 
changing the drive's setting?
I have of course tried playing back region 2 and 1 DVDs one after the 
other to verify what i'm saying. regionset does NOT report a region 
change, the number of user changes left is always 4.
I do __not__ know if this is the normal behaviour for the way mpdvdkit 
accesses the drive, nor have the necessary knowledge about DVD 
authentication to tell, so I'd guess that, since changing the DVD drive 
region code is expressely mentioned in the docs (yes I DID RTFM :-)), my 
drive's firmware is "lying", and does in fact disregard the region code 
Of course, I cannot but be happy about it, taking into account that 
there seems to be no RPC1 patch for it around... :-)))
BTW, firmware is version 1.00, should anyone else happen to have the 
same drive and want to know.

Anyway, MPlayer is just a great piece of software. Keep it up guys!

I apologize in advance since someone will surely come up and tell me to 
go RTFM because I'm sure I missed out the bit that said all this is 
normal ;-))).

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