[MPlayer-users] Using -aspect in mencoder

Frederick Grim hal.9000 at rcn.com
Mon Jul 15 19:33:02 CEST 2002


  I have read through the man pages and no matter what I do I can not
  get a proper aspect ratio to the movie I am trying to encode.  I am
  using the command

  nice mencoder -pp 0x2000 -dvd 1 -aspect 4:3 -ofps 23.976 -ovc divx4 \
  -divx4opts br=2000:q=5 -pass 1 -o the_gift.avi

  but I have tried different values for aspect, used lavcopts, deleted
  ofps and/or pp.

  distro: debian woody
  kernel 2.4.18
  Xfree 4.1.0
  gcc 2.95.4
  GNU ld version 20020307 Debian/GNU Linux
  GNU assembler 20020307 Debian/GNU Linux
  I want the faces to quit looking so long...Is this feature broken?


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