[MPlayer-users] playing rm files...

DEBERT Jean-Louis jl_debert at rsd-intl.com
Mon Jul 15 08:08:01 CEST 2002

Arpi wrote:

>  > Here is says that "the -vo" (dxr3 here) "is incompatible 
>  with this codec"
>  > (rv30 here, fourcc is 0x30335652)
>  use an mpeg1 encoder filter, rtfm

You mean "-vop lavc" ? Yes, this does work, thanks.

By the way:
1. I get the same message when trying to play an .avi
(divx encoding) through the dxr3. It also works with
"-vop lavc", but ... I am pretty sure that a few weeks ago 
(say, 1-2 months) it worked without having to specify 
the -vop explicitly ...

2. do you see any way to make it transparent (for .rm
through the dxr3) ??? If not, is it because lavc does not
(yet) work on all platforms supported by Real and mplayer ?
Same question about .avi (divx) and dxr3 ...

3. I get signal 11 if I specify -vop lame instead of lavc.
Not that I care since lavc is supposed to be faster and better
(on Intel PC at least). Just FYI (I use gcc 3.1.1 on Mandrake 8.2).

Many thanks anyway for a very good product ...

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