[MPlayer-users] encoding for dvd burn question

Steven Adeff adeffs at rpi.edu
Sun Jul 14 21:48:02 CEST 2002

installed CVS, no change on the audio sync problem. TFM doesn't have
anything that helps, I even tried audio delay, which didn't seem to do

I can cut a section of the mpg to upload(its a 1gig file normally) but
where do i upload it?

On Sun, 2002-07-14 at 09:29, Arpi wrote:
> > also, i have an mpeg that i've mux'd using mjpeg tools. it plays back
> > fine in xine but in mplayer, the audio is out of sync. I've told mplex
> > what the syncoffset is, and it seems to work in xine, but its a no-go in
> > mplayer, anyone have any idea why?
> RTFb and upload sample
> > oh, using pre5, thanks!
> oh, use CVS, always
> A'rpi / Astral & ESP-team

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