[MPlayer-users] system libs conflict with MPlayer internal ones

Steven M. Schultz sms at 2BSD.COM
Fri Jul 12 20:34:01 CEST 2002

Hi -

	I know this was discussed on the developer's list but a decision
	wasn't reached.

	The problem I'm having is that /usr/local/lib is searched first
	and older versions of libvo, libmpeg2 and liba52 are being used
	instead of the versions provided with MPlayer (in liba52/ for

	What I think should be done, to force the use of internally
	provided libraries is explicitly refer to the local versions with
	liba52/liba52.a or libmpeg2/libmpeg2.a and so on.   This removes
	any conflict.

	Steven Schultz
	sms at 2bsd.com

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--- Makefile.dist	Thu Jul 11 21:00:06 2002
+++ Makefile	Fri Jul 12 11:07:10 2002
@@ -42,7 +42,7 @@
 VO_LIBS = -Llibvo2 -lvo2
 VO_INC = -Ilibvo2
-VO_LIBS = -Llibvo -lvo
+VO_LIBS = libvo/libvo.a
 VO_INC = -Ilibvo
@@ -50,7 +50,7 @@
 AO_LIBS = -Llibao2 -lao2
-CODEC_LIBS = -Llibmpcodecs -lmpcodecs -Lmp3lib -lMP3 -Lliba52 -la52 -Llibmpeg2 -lmpeg2 $(AV_LIB) $(FAME_LIB) $(XVID_LIB)
+CODEC_LIBS = -Llibmpcodecs -lmpcodecs -Lmp3lib -lMP3 liba52/liba52.a libmpeg2/libmpeg2.a $(AV_LIB) $(FAME_LIB) $(XVID_LIB)
 COMMON_LIBS = $(CODEC_LIBS) -Llibmpdemux -lmpdemux  $(NEW_INPUT_LIB)  $(LIB_LOADER) $(A_LIBS) $(CSS_LIB) $(ARCH_LIB) -Lpostproc -lpostproc $(DECORE_LIB) -Llinux -losdep $(TERMCAP_LIB)  $(STREAMING_LIB) $(Z_LIB) $(GTK_LIBS) $(PNG_LIB) $(JPEG_LIB) $(GIF_LIB) $(CDPARANOIA_LIB) -lm
 ifeq ($(VIDIX),yes)
 MISC_LIBS += -Llibdha -ldha -Lvidix -lvidix

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