[MPlayer-users] Possible bug [FreeBSD 5.0-CURRENT]

Per-Arne Holtmon Akø perarneh at online.no
Thu Jul 11 22:53:01 CEST 2002

On Tue, Jul 09, 2002 at 23:18:48 +0000, Felix Buenemann wrote:
> > Also attached the output from a 'cat /usr/compat/linux/proc/cpuinfo', at
> > your request. Have fun with it :)
> Hmm, your /proc/cpuinfo advertises SSE support (the entry called "xmm"), but 
> if you have an Athlon MP, this is false. Also cpuMHz and bogomips are the 
> same, which I doubt is correct. Your should probably contact the FreeBSD 
> develoeprs about this.
> (All these assumptions are based on AMDs techdocs, so I hope they are correct 
> about this.)

I'll answer in this mail only, since two threads about the same is kinda
worthless. :)  Anyway, yes, I did compile with
--enable-runtime-cpudetection, and it spat out that error/warning. Since
my system is rather fast, I haven't seen any major slowdowns, though.

And I can contact the relevant FreeBSD developers and let them know
about this, although I should point out that I'm tracking 5.0-CURRENT on
that machine, which can cause a number of hiccups. :)  It's also
notorious for being generally unstable and un-pleasant, depending on how
you like daily panics etc. Anyway, I'll drop them an email.

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