[MPlayer-users] Kudos!

Chris Gleba chris.gleba at miab.aorcentaf.af.mil
Wed Jul 10 02:24:01 CEST 2002


I just wanted to congratulate the developers of mplayer!  Frankly,
mplayer is not only the best media player in Linux but it is the
best media processor/player that I have ever used.

It is very fast, reliable, stable, feature-filled yet not bloated.  It's
error recovery and stability are mind boggling -- it will play damaged
video files that other, ahem, "commercial" players just plain crash on.
I especially like the CLI as well as the ability to use just about
any output an input method there is -- I'm especially amused by the
aalib output and love the ability to play a dvd on the root window 
in X.  The flexibility, number of options and the clean architecture
are as beautiful as well written poetry.

I have been using it since .60 and am currently using .90.  I recently
bought a new laptop and I was almost certain that I wasn't going to be
able to play DVDs under Linux because of the Mach64 video card (the
xvideo extension for this card is not supported in XF86 4.2).  Reading
the documentation I found out about the xvidix output option, used it
and voila -- it worked!  The playback was a little jittery but I
atributed it to slow hardware and was happy -- until I found out about
the double-buffering option and the cache option.  Now playback is
*flawless*!  I never expected that.

I also use mplayer on my other computer through directfb which works
awesome.  The *only* reason before mplayer I ever booted to windows was
for video playback with odd file types and where I needed fast playback
speed compared to the other linux players.  Since mplayer I have been
able to completely ditch Windows which makes me *very* happy and
furthermore I am much happier with mplayer then I ever was with any of
the Windows players -- it is a much better product.

Again, a big thank you to the developers and a congratulations on such a
fine product!

--Chris Gleba

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