[MPlayer-users] Vorbis audio..

Per Wigren wigren at open-source.nu
Sun Jul 7 19:57:01 CEST 2002


Is anyone implementing encoding using Vorbis-audio?

I just did some comparisions on the latest LAME-cvs and the Vorbis RC4-cvs and 
Vorbis is so much better than mp3 it is laughable.. I can _almost_ not hear a 
difference between the original WAV and a q0 (~64kbit/s) .ogg.. On 9 out of 
10 files it sounds equal or better than a 128kbit/s MP3... Vorbis q2 (average 
~90kbit/s) are always as good as, or better better than lame -V7 (average 
If you don't  believe it, just try it yourself... Get the CVS-version of RC4 
(which is to be released any day now)...

// Wigren

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