[MPlayer-users] DEMUXER: Too many ...

Sander Smeenk ssmeenk at freshdot.net
Sun Jul 7 13:21:02 CEST 2002

Quoting Felix Buenemann (atmosfear at users.sourceforge.net):

> > it's either the too-slow-system problem or totally broken file, in later
> > case try -nobps, in former try -framedrop and RTFM
> also tried -ni -nocache? -no doesn't like cache at all...

My system isn't too slow to play the file, so I suspect the file is
broken. But that still does not clarify why mplayer totally refuses to
play audio for the rest of the movie, while (for instance) Microsoft's
Media Player just plays the file withouth dropping audio-streams etc.

Playing the file with -ni causes audio to play like it should, but video
is COMPLETELY out of sync, and looks 'jumpy'. Sometimes looks like it
fast-forwards ;)

Playing with -ni and -nocache seems to fix a lot of these jumpy images,
but if there's even ONE LITTLE pause due to some seek-timeout or
something else, the picture starts to jump again :(

Also the -nobps doesn't do much good.

Maybe if I copy the file to harddisk first, and then try -ni, -nocache
and/or -nobps. But it's still a weird problem :(


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