[MPlayer-users] tweaking the MP3

Arpi arpi at thot.banki.hu
Sat Jul 6 17:14:58 CEST 2002


> as far as i know, the biggest problem is that putting vorbis audio in an
> .avi file is  not a good idea... vorbis audio is a variable bitrate
> audio format and avi doesn't like it ( as i know there are ways to put
> cbr audio (either mp3 or ogg ) into an avi file, but those methods rely
> on some bugs-or-what in the windows architecture or something like that )..
yes. there are 3 different avi demuxer in the windows DLLs, used by most
players. 2 of them allows vbr audio, one crashes. one of the 2 working
allows it by a bug, the other by feature :)
windows is a funny thing :)

the real problem with ogg-in-avi is that there is no working encoder.
nandub has ogg encoding (or copy?) support, but it's broken as hell, it
assumes 600 samples/packet, but it's often false and results big a-v desync
files. there were several filters and hacks for ogg-in-avi, mplayer support
at least 2 kind of them, but afaik no one is working well.
ogg is neither constant samples/packets (as VBR mp3) nor constant
bytes/packets (as CBR audio). it's truly variable ;)

the best you can do is using the .ogg format instead of .avi, there is oggds
filter for windows. i don't know about linux encoders supporting it.
as it's a closed format (using open libs...) we don't plan to support it
for encoding (playback is supported).

> to summarize : there's no correct way to put vbr audio into an avi file
> => most people who want to put vorbis as audio experiment with the other
> way : put divx (xvid whatever) video into ogg.
it's working more or less, but has a-v syncing problems at low bitrates.

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