[MPlayer-users] mediocre results when dvd-ripping/encoding

Farrell Farahbod upgrdman at mindspring.com
Sat Jul 6 08:25:01 CEST 2002

i started a thread a couple days back....and i have learned a lot since
then, but i still don't get the results i'm looking for. maybe i just
want more than i get get in a 700MB AVI, however i'm sure i have seen
AVIs under 700MB with better quality video.

im trying to encode a raw dvd-rip to a 700MB avi, and i currently use
the following ofr my 3-pass encodeing:

mencoder From_Russia_With_Love.avi -ovc frameno -oac mp3lame -lameopts
abr:br=96:mode=1 -o frameno.avi

Recommended video bitrate for 700MB CD: 751

mencoder From_Russia_With_Love.avi -oac copy -ovc lavc -lavcopts
vcodec=mpeg4:vbitrate=751:vhq:vqmin=1:vqmax=31:vpass=1 -vop
scale=640:400 -sws 2 -o movie.avi

^^^^^^^^ no...br is toooo low! i get a result of a much smaller
file--about 500-600MB, not the 700MB i want... So I try a higher one...

mencoder From_Russia_With_Love.avi -oac copy -ovc lavc -lavcopts
vcodec=mpeg4:vbitrate=1000:vhq:vqmin=1:vqmax=31:vpass=1 -vop
scale=640:400 -sws 2 -o movie.avi

I still don't get the quality i want, and have seen in other 700MB AVIs.
Also: two things...

1. Why is the br i get after using lame to encode my audio too low?

2. In case youre wondering, from russia with love is not some weird
porno or something...it's one of the origional james bond 007 movies...
If you don't believe me, look it up at amazon.com :)

Farrell Farahbod <upgrdman at mindspring.com>

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