[MPlayer-users] DEMUXER: Too many ...

Sander Smeenk ssmeenk at freshdot.net
Thu Jul 4 22:46:02 CEST 2002


What actually causes this error, and why does mplayer loose it's
audiostream when this occurs?   The movie plays like a charm with
Microsoft's Media Player (ahem):

| DEMUXER: Too many (1176 in 8390709 bytes) video packets in the buffer!
| (maybe you play a non-interleaved stream/file or the codec failed)?
| For .AVI files, try to force non-interleaved mode with option -ni

Playing with -ni option enabled 'fixes' sound, but video-playback is
totally out of sync with the audio that way.

Is there a way to fix these type of .avi files? Does 'rewriting' the
.avi help?  (mencoder -ovc copy -oac copy -o new.avi old.avi) ?


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