[MPlayer-users] mencvcd problems

Gregory S. Hayes syncomm at icebreaker.net
Wed Jul 3 05:10:03 CEST 2002

> for this we have to create a new option,
> with mpeg2enc option -a you set the correct aspect ratio.
> I will think over it, you can change the script to your needs.

I edited the script a little so that this happens:

yuvdenoise < stream.yuv | \
yuvscaler -M WIDE2STD -M BICUBIC -O SVCD -n n | \
mpeg2enc -M 2 -s -f 5 -b 2500 -B 260 -V 230 -p -I 0 \
-a 2 -g 6 -G 15 -r 16 -F 1 -n n -4 2 -2 1 -o letterbox-svcd.m2v

I then make the audio in the standard way:

mp2enc -b 224 -r 44100 -o letterbox-svcd.mpa < audiodump.wav

but when I mplex the streams in the script with:

mplex -f 5 -m 2 -V -b 230 letterbox-svcd.m2v letterbov-svcd.mpa -o

the audio is off sync. The video looks perfect and is exactly what I
want, but the audio is way off. I tried various -O settings, but it
seems that if the audio syncs in one place it goes out of sync in
others. If I encode small portions (1500 frames) the audio seems to be
right, but not when I encode the whole thing. Also, If I encode to plain
VCD (not SVCD), all the audio muxes correctly and mpeg2enc changes the
output to the special aspect of 12. What can I do for the same audio
sync with svcd?


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