[MPlayer-users] TV Capture and AVI editing - best practices

fixounet at free.fr fixounet at free.fr
Tue Jul 2 14:00:01 CEST 2002

> **working **
>avidemux: riffparser.cpp:384: long unsigned int riffparser::read(long
>unsigned int, unsigned char *): Assertion `fread(ptr, nb, 1, _file) ==
>1' failed.
>Note that there was no divx.log file in the directory.

This is generally caused by slightly wrong AVI header or incorrect index.
For example stating that the last chunk has a length of N bytes while the size
is 0 or last chunk does not exist.

Programs such as VCR (for example) does generate incorrect index/header.

mplayer/mencoder is *very* tolerant toward such streams.

Avidemux is more picky.There is an option to rebuild the whole stuff and
keyframe list but it takes ages. Best to use mencoder with the rebuilding index

So, please rebuild index/header first using mencoder, and the problem should go

Concerning sound chopiness around cut, i'm a bit surprised.
What format was used ?
Mp3 or PCM wav ?

For these formats, normally, it removes whole PCM/mp3 packets at a time
and try not to cut in a middle of a packet to avoid pop and glitch.

Ps : Maybe better to contact me directly.


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