[MPlayer-users] DVD stops playing/encoding

Marcin Kosiba athin at go2.pl
Tue Jul 2 09:41:11 CEST 2002

	I have a Slack 8.0, the latest CVS (2-day's) an Athlon 1200 and a CreativeDVD 1242E, the thing is that when 
	the movie skipps to another chapter or more foten from one vob file to the other it just stops and the cdrom is blinking
	all the time, the red lite of the hdd access is on also. The only way to stop the CD from doing that is rebooting the PC
	and what I also found was that mplayer is still running even though I killed X (I can't terminate,kill etc. mplayer, used all the signals)
	I also have pa roblem when using mencoder --> sometims the cd is scratched and the DVD drive takes some time to read it,
	about  30-50 seconds and after that mencoder just exits -- is there a way to make it ignore the pauses??

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