[MPlayer-users] libdvdnav + lidvdcss not included in?

Alan Murrell silkbc at yahoo.com
Mon Jul 1 04:19:01 CEST 2002


I compiled and installed MPlayer-0.90pre5 a couple
days ago.  I didn;t have problems with it as far as
compilation/installation errors, however it did not
seem to recognize that I had libdvdnav or libdvdcss

The versions of these libraries I installed (from
source) prior to compiling/installing MPlayer are:


They were the latest versions of these libraries I
could find.

After the ./configuration stage of MPlayer, though,
the "summary output" listed each of these in the "not
included" section.

Is there a reason these libraries were not detected. 
The only thing I could think of (and this is quite
likely it), is that I do not have a DVD player
attached to my computer (but I was thinking of the
"future", as I plan to get one for it eventually);
could that be the reason (though I'm not sure why that
would make a difference).

TIA for your help,

Alan Murrell <silkbc at yahoo.com>

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