[MPlayer-users] best matrox card

Hetz Ben Hamo hetz at kde.org
Thu Jan 31 14:44:01 CET 2002

Why do you think your card is not supported well enough on Linux?

Is it because the specs are not open? because the driver is not open source? 
then you're right...

But in terms of performance - your GeForce 2MX - its faster then Matrox G400, 
it's FULLY supported under XFree with all the features (dual head, twinview, 
Xvideo, OpenGL, Anti Aliasing, shadow mouse, etc)...

If your card doesn't support Dual Head - then I suggest you look for another 
NVidia based dual head card. One of the best features in dual head in nvidia 
- that you get full 3D acceleration on BOTH screens, while with Matrox 
G400Max (for example) the 3D on the 2nd screen is very slow..

As for games - all my games works perfectly with NVidia card and drivers, 
including return-to-castle-wolfenstein, and 3DMark2000 from Windows -> under 

I do have both cards here (Geforce 2, Matrox G400) so I'm talking from 


On Thursday 31 January 2002 15:05, Robert Jameson wrote:
> I'm looking into getting a new video card, i currently have a nVidia
> Geforce2 MX400, 64mb, I was looking at matrox cards because i hear of great
> support in linux. I want a dualhead card, that has good performance with
> 2D/3D games in linux and also works well with mplayer, Anyone got a
> suggestion?

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