[MPlayer-users] Re: [expert] NVidia will be bannished

gabor farkas xlat at pobox.sk
Thu Jan 31 13:13:02 CET 2002

On Thursday 31 January 2002 08:33 am, you wrote:
> I have no documentation from ATI ;) But internet has a lots of sources
> and its enough for me and for everyone to implement everything.
> Question like NVidia is better of ATI not for this mailing list!
> But if you want to know - I guess that it biggest gift of destiny
> that there is ATI. Else your worshiped NVidia could become by monopolist
> like M$. Only ATI with their TRUEFORM technology could stop their
> dictate in prices. ATI has done first step towards photorealistics
> games and this fact had balanced market.

generally i agree with you... it's good to see that not only nvidia produces
quality 3d cards....and ati could stop them to dictate the prices ...

but not because of the TRUEFORM technology.... it's a nice thing to have,
but nothing revolutionary IMHO it simply treats triangles as if they were 

IMHO the vertex/pixel shaders can provide you a lot more...
but this is my opinion

> Somewhere above (probably) you wrote that you have unstable system with
> Radeon 8500. It simply broken chip and it's bad luck for you :( But you
> have possibility to replace this chip with the same other.
> In case of NVidia you have no possibility to improve their buggy drivers
> and software. It it would be easy then why we have opensource competited
> drivers?

btw. if i remember correctly ati cheated with their win32 driver.
if the driver detected that quake3 is running, it simply refused to turn on 
some high-level visual effects so it was able to produce better frame/sec 
values than the competitors... you cold find the string "quake" in their 
drivers :-)


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