[MPlayer-users] performance...

Gabucino gabucino at mplayer.dev.hu
Thu Jan 31 00:27:02 CET 2002

It's the Question that drives us, Arpi :
> > bottom of the screen.  The aspect ratio is horrible.
> it's ok for me too. i could change timings to get filled my tv.
> and gabucino could do that too.
Actually.. ;))
About 0.5-1cm doesn't get filled.. Only when I use some bigger res than
640x512, but then movie is bigger than my TV.. I hacked a _lame_ script to
move framebuffer screen up/down/left/right, but can't get it to make it
wide/tall ;) I know shit about timings :)

Hm, it's already in MPlayer: TVout/matroxfbtune ..

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