[MPlayer-users] vobsub..

gabor farkas xlat at pobox.sk
Tue Jan 29 22:27:01 CET 2002


i've got some vobsub-subtitled files...

i browsed the mail-archive and found some information
the problem is that i've got an avi file ( x.dub.avi ) 
which is a dubbed anime ( an english speaking japanese cartoon).

and, i have an x.sub.avi which is very short ( approx 7k ),
+ x.sub.idx 
+ x.sub.ifo
+ x.sub.sub
+ x.sub.mp3

now theoretically if i run x.sub.avi (with dvobsub installed ), i should ( at 
least on windows :-) i should get the anime with jap. text and english 

if i run mplayer -vobsub x.sub x.dub.avi then i get english text + english 
subtitles ( which are appearin at bad times ).

q1: how to solve this
q2: this is more important :-) is there a way to extract the subtitles 
somehow? i don't want to have this thing in vobsub format. ideally i want to 
remove the english audio and replace it with the japanese one ( it's not a 
problem, because the mp3 file is the jap. audio ) , and create a standard 
english subtitle...

gabor farkas

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