[MPlayer-users] NVidia will be bannished

Jan Sacharuk jan at chloris.ca
Mon Jan 28 21:20:02 CET 2002

On Mon, Jan 28, 2002 at 08:55:10PM +0100, Gabucino wrote:
@>It's the Question that drives us, Aciel :
@>> The eventual goal of the combined open-source community, in my view, is
@>> to make Linux a viable solution for the simpleton--people who aren't
@>WTF? That's not a goal I like.

Why not? It seems to me that that's the goal of any computer system,
in the end. Any simpleton can make a computer really hard to use. We
could go back to doing things with plugboards, but that's silly. Even
if you look at Linux from the perspective of trying to make a
sophisticated, powerful operating system that's robust and useful, I
don't think that that's at odds with making the system

nvidia, at one time, was talking to OSS programmers, and collaborating
a little on an XFree driver (I had a friend on the project, at the
time. He complained bitterly about the incompetence of the nvidia
employee assigned to the linux drivers.) Their drivers were okay, but
nothing special. I was really happy with their binary driver, and I
was happy that they bothered to make a quality product for linux. I
actually had a hard time switching to ATi, because I knew that I'd
miss nvidia's driver support.

Anyway, mplayer, man. It's the bomb-diggity.


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