Pásztor Szilárd silicon at falcon.sch.bme.hu
Mon Jan 28 16:19:02 CET 2002

> Currently there is only problem with NVidia users so-called "HUE problem"
> It means that on nvidia chips hue is changed from 0 to XXX and default value
> for that is 0 instead of XXX/2 as for any other control. I'll try to fix it
> soon.

This issue was solved (i bloody hope) with these lines in my patch:

+// make the range 'open frame' to avoid overflows.
+// needed for HUE for example, where default isn't the middle value
+    if (xvvalue < xv_attribs[id].min) xvvalue += range;
+    if (xvvalue > xv_attribs[id].max) xvvalue -= range;

With NVIDIA drivers, HUE value is only rotated by 180 degrees compared to
most of other cards, nothing special. You just have to deal with value
overflows and keep in the range (usually 0-359).


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