[MPlayer-users] how do I get deinterlace with encoding and ProgStream to work? - whishlist

Jan Brand jan.brand at tu-clausthal.de
Sat Jan 26 17:15:01 CET 2002


I want to encode some movies in mpg2 program stream format to divx.
The movies were grabbed from a dbox2 with linux on it.
( DVB -> DivX )

The main problem is, mencode crashes with segfault, if I select the 
deinterlace option in the divx4 codec. I also tried avlib - but there is 
also no deinterlace option or deinterlacing out of the box.
If I encode without deinterlacing, the resulting divx is sh** .. eeeh 
not very nice .

My whishlist for encoding:

before the videostream gets to the encoder I need the following in this 
* deinterlace
* resize, because dvb-stream is often broadcasted in 480x576 resolution
* cropping the black borders
* another resize to a standard resolution to encode for example (s)vcd

Any suggestions how I could get this to work?



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