[MPlayer-users] To all Sis630 users-->Xvideo and DRM support-NEW!!!

Pere Castañer sardà XaRz69 at terra.es
Fri Jan 25 12:44:01 CET 2002

Yes yes yes!!!
it's not about de Xfree 4.2 crappy support. One man did it!!
Thomas Winischhofer has created a kernel patch (for DRI) and sisfb
source...this man needs an homage. What it means to Mplayer Users??
Means xvideo support, dga support (and sdl:dga) and all complete
features that all sis630 users can't do it till now.

I have a Sisfb at 1024x768x32 running and DRI working well (quake3 goes
really nice), and of course Mplayer fullscreen runing with
xvideo,sdl,and dga..

More info:http://www.webit.com/tw/linuxsis630.shtml

I would thanks to mplayer developer, thomas winischoofer and all gnu
developers for the great job that are making to developing really good
software for free. 

nothing less to say: thanks

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