[MPlayer-users] Error loading "divxa32.acm"

clemenswaechter clemenswaechter at yahoo.com
Thu Jan 24 15:55:02 CET 2002


On Thu, 24 Jan 2002, Igor Evdokimov wrote:
> Since version 0.50pre... and for 0.60 I have
> the following result of loading AVI file after a little pause (1-2 sec.)
> after string <Loading DLL: 'divxa32.acm'>:
> -Detected audio codec: [divx] drv:4 (DivX audio (WMA))
> -Loading DLL: 'divxa32.acm'
> -MPlayer interrupted by signal 11 in module: init_audio_codec
> This AVI is playing fine in mplayer0.18..., but new versions
> does not want to play it, thougth Arpi says that it works well in latest
> versions.
> Thanks, Igor.

I've got exactly the same problem, Igor. In my case, voxmsdec.ax is also
I bugreportet it ( 26./27.12.01, subject: Sig 11 while loading voxmsdec.ax)
unfortunately I did not get any answers / fixes etc. 

I guess that this is maybe a problem that depends on the system mplayer is
on. Well, the C++ code in the dll loader did not compile for me (I had to
ask a friend
to compile and statically link it for me [of course I did not distribute it
and now I am
_always_ compiling for myself] ) until it was done in c.
Maybe this has something to do with the glibc version or anything else like

I'm right now building a new LFS System and as soon as this is done I'm
to test it on the same hardware in a different environment. But please
don't wait for
me while trying to find out anything about it. It may take several days
until I'm
ready to run this test.

In case that you have further questions of course fell free to ask.

Clemens Wächter

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