[MPlayer-users] MGA mystery

Bj!8 @  bjst01 at student.bth.se
Wed Jan 23 14:46:02 CET 2002

Anyone actually gotten a color tv-out display on your matrox 400/450/550 using the stuff from mplayer-codebase/TV-OUT without having to use both the SVHS connector and the Composite connector? 
(I'm running my tv-box through an RF-Distributionmodulator up in the attic, which doesn't take SVHS which is why I bother btw.)

whatever I do (fiddling around with modelines in the modes.fb config, along with matroxset parameters, independ, matroxtv, the works.. my tv accepts both PAL/NTSC (though I'm running it on pal, tried both 50hz and 60hz)) I always end up with a b/w picture if I don't bail out, and insert svideo,composite into a scart adapter. The matrox cards should be capable of outputting the color through the composite connector? (the standard cable that comes with a matrox dvd-kit)

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