[MPlayer-users] libdvdcss 1.0 + libdvdread 0.9.2

pl p_l at gmx.fr
Wed Jan 23 12:37:02 CET 2002

On Wed, Jan 23, 2002 at 09:46:57AM +0100, Alvaro wrote:

> There's a warning in the FM (you know, from RTFM ;) that says DON'T USE
> libdvdcss 1.0, use 0.3.
> Well, is that a deprecated warning? Since I use 1.0 and no problems...

It is not.

Sometimes and for some not yet known reasons (most likely the moon
phasis and a bad karma :), DVD playback is completely fscked up when
libdvdcss & libdvdread don't match the recommended version.

Of course YMMV with your hardware and software but in the general case
these two versions of libdvdread & libdvdcss are the only one currently
well-tested (and supported).

> Another question: don't you think that DVD video quality is much worst
> in Linux than in windows? Mostly when a image is moving, it shows like
> horizontal tracks, I don't know how to describe. Probably is the MPEG
> decoder's fault, I don't know... any fix?

Do you mean interlaced frames (dunno the exact phrase) ?  If that's
that, try with the postprocess filters (man mplayer & search -npp). As a
quick hint, '-npp lb' or '-npp de,lb' might be what you want.

Best regards,

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