[MPlayer-users] color issues/rotated palette

Micah J Waldstein mxw74 at po.cwru.edu
Tue Jan 22 06:14:01 CET 2002

I just grabbed the most recent CVS version today (1-21-02), and suddenly all 
of the files I test it on come out with a very strange palette. Most noteable 
were the blue faces w/ blue skies -> reddish. I've checked this with all the 
available output methods, and it seems to affect xv and sdl, but not x11.

I tried moving back to .60, but this continues to happen, which completely 
baffles me. The only other changes made to the system since it last worked 
was the installation of LAME and upgrading the divx4linux drivers.

A similar issue seemed to come up a while ago on this list, but appeared to 
have fixed itself after re-booting. Unfortunately I did not have that much 

My system is Linux 2.4.17
	nVidia GeForce 2 Pro
	gcc 2.95.3

micah j. waldstein

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