[MPlayer-users] Bugreport: MJPEGs created using Matrox Marvel + ffmjpeg

Thomas Kranz tkan71 at yahoo.com
Tue Jan 22 00:38:02 CET 2002

You have to setup the fourcc entry for the avi-file-format
(mjpeg should be mjpeg but the fourcc is not correctly recognized).
The codec knows mjpg but not dmb1 (the matrox fourcc mjpg-version).
Maybe the mjpeg format with the marble is different, so you've to
look in a avifile for the right fourcc definition an change 
libwin32.h  and  the codecs.conf

This worked with my old rainbow runner mjpeg card:
(I posted it to the matrox-mplayer user list)

Playing mjpeg videos recorded with another computer
containing an old matrox rainbow runner card is
with these changes:

add to 

in the fourcc section after the fccmjpeg-entry:

#define fccdmb1 mmioFOURCC('d', 'm', 'b', '1')

and update the codecs.conf by adding dmb1:

videocodec m3jpeg
  info "Morgan Motion JPEG Codec"
  status working
  fourcc MJPG
# new
  fourcc mjpa,mjpb,mjpg,dmb1 MJPG  ; MOV files
#                       ^^^^
  driver vfw
  dll "m3jpeg32.dll"
  out YUY2
  out UYVY
  out BGR32,BGR24,BGR15
  cpuflags mmx

the other solution is to replace the dmb1 entry in the
avifile by mjpg

The Morgan Codec is capable of decoding
mjpeg-rainbow-runner recorded mjpeg files.

This changes should be added to the official src


Thomas Kranz 

btw: I love the mplayer - but is an tvout soulution
matrox g450 with XFree86-4.0 (DRI) coming soon ?

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