[MPlayer-users] Modeswitching (-vm) picking wrong mode

Niklas Edmundsson nikke at ing.umu.se
Mon Jan 21 20:43:02 CET 2002


It seems that mplayers' modeswitching-code isn't clever enough to pick
the right mode in some cases...

I have mplayer CVS as of Jan 18, and is using -vo x11 -vm -noaspect to
modeswitch to the correct resolution (thus avoiding software scaling).

The problem is that mplayer picks the wrong mode if the ordering of
the modes in the Modes-directive of XFree86Config-4 is "wrong".

For example: Movie resolution 480x480
Modes ... "640x480" "480x480"   <- mplayer picks 640x480 (wrong)
Modes ... "480x480" "640x480"   <- mplayer picks 480x480 (correct)

It seems to me that regardless of ordering of the modes, mplayer
should pick a mode that is an exact match...

/Nikke - hopefully making sense despite lack of sleep...
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