[MPlayer-users] Anyone Got The Playlist Actually Working ?

Clinton Bedogni clinton at softtech.co.nz
Mon Jan 21 20:30:02 CET 2002

I have now had success using mplayer with a playlist, but only from the
command line, and using –vo sdl to get a borderless fullscreen picture.
Advancing to the next file after finishing the last works OK (about 500+
mpg/asf/avi’s in this playlist) but I am stuck on how to manually advance to
the next clip?
The docs state to use , and . when in gui mode but don’t provide
previous/next keys for command line mode ?? Or am I missing something? (Hope
Can anyone point out the correct keys to use? And if there arent any
about implementing them Mplayer Dev Team ??? (Please? – A Wish)
I also think a ‘random’ command line switch to use in conjunction
with –playlist would be fantastic. (Im still a bit stuck on how to organize
this massive playlist so its not alphabetical – Too many ABBA songs in a row
can be bad for your health!)
Any help much appreciated.


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