[MPlayer-users] Doesn't play VCD (0.5x did)

Robert Jäschke robert-j at gmx.de
Mon Jan 21 15:29:01 CET 2002

Attila Kinali <kinali at gmx.net> wrote:

> > > Next, to your problem: Either your CD is defect or your codecs.conf is
> > I hope, that is not the case. Are there any things I could do to find out
> > if the VCD is broken and maybe, what is broken?
> Try vcdimager (www.vcdimager.org) and rip the mpeg file from the cd.

OK, that seems to be a problem. So my VCD seems to be broken and
consequently a (possible) bug in an older version of mplayer may 
have caused that it was possible to play this VCD:
[15:07]rob at oberon:~> vcdrip -v --rip --cdrom-device=/dev/cdrom 
**ERROR: ENTRIES.VCD/SVD signature not found

[15:08]rob at oberon:~> vcdrip -v -d --cdrom-device=/dev/cdrom 
**ERROR: weird psd size (251662081) -- aborting

And as I read through the Docs from vcdimager I think I found out, what
may be broken: AFAIR I just made an image of the files of the mounted VCD
and burned this. I did not make a 1:1 copy of the original VCD. This should
not work if I understand the Docs correctly.

> > [06:30]rob at oberon:/cdrom/mpegav> mplayer -v avseq02.dat 
> I cant see anything strange... please try -v -v
> Also add _all_ information about your system (see bugreport.html)
> (especially which gcc you are using)

This should be unnecessary now.


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