[MPlayer-users] black screen with ffmpeg + sdl

rpolach at atlas.cz rpolach at atlas.cz
Mon Jan 21 13:17:01 CET 2002

If I play an avi with -vm -vo sdl -vc odivx or ffdivx,
I get black screen with small green rectangle on 
upper-left corner ("Planar YV12" is used)
But if I play it with -vc divx or divx4, 
everything is OK (and "Packed YUY2" is used).
On all cases, sdl was using x11 output.
Is it a problem with SDL? Could it accept YV12?
Some time ago, I was using mplayer 0.50 and I have had
NO problems with this, but may be I was using 
an earlier version of sdl...


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