[MPlayer-users] 'q' to quit

Steve Stavropoulos steve at math.upatras.gr
Mon Jan 21 10:09:02 CET 2002

On Sun, 20 Jan 2002, Nilmoni Deb wrote:

> It seems if the caps lock is active (by error) the 'q' key does not result
> in quitting of mplayer. It may be wise to make this case insensitive
> since 'Q' (upper case) has no separate function anyway. Its a bad
> coincidence that the keys 'q' and 'caps lock' are diagonal neighbours in
> many keyboards which increases the chances of mistyping 'Q' instead of a
> 'q'. Also, one may not know that keeping caps lock on is the cause behind
> 'q' key not working.

 Caps Lock key should be disabled anyway ;-)

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