[MPlayer-users] Voodoo3000 tv-out

Kropral Fänrik korpral2 at yahoo.com.au
Sat Jan 19 15:50:26 CET 2002

I used the information in
to get Voodoo3000 tv-out support. But that is only in
16bit mode. I changed to 24 bit in /porc/*/depth but
still it only shows 16bit(in mlayer movies looks bad,
as colors is missing). In windows there is a
possibility to use 32bit tv-out and thus movies looks
great! Is 24 or 32bit voodoo3000 tv-out supported in
Linux? And if, how do i enable it? If not would it not
be possible to  "downsample" movies to 16bit? So it
does not look awfull.Would that be able to do in
realtime on an k63-450mhz? 


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