[MPlayer-users] Suspicious blue stripes

Björn Ståhl bjst01 at student.bth.se
Fri Jan 18 03:54:04 CET 2002

When running XFree86 with the NVidia binary drivers & TV-OUT (fiddling with timing/resolution didn't help it)
and either sdl, or xv as video output module two thick (9-10 pixels
perhaps) blue lines (leftmost, topmost horisontal and vertical) appear.

(both if I run it in a window, or fullscreen, scaled or not).
Think I've tried every possible -x -y -screenwidth -screenheight -fs
-nofs -zoom by now. 

This does not happen if I use x11 or gl2 (gl hangs the display) which
happens to be those that run the slowest aswell (+20-30% CPU usage
compared to sdl & xv)

Tried both the latest stable build, and checking out from cvs, aswell as
old builds (<0.50) same problem.

Running XFree86 4.1.? (whatever is in the unstable debian tree right
now) with the latest NVidia drivers..

Any suggestions?

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