[MPlayer-users] downgrade gcc on Mandrake8.1

rpolach at atlas.cz rpolach at atlas.cz
Thu Jan 17 15:08:02 CET 2002

> Also consider using gcc 3.0.1 instead of downgrading to 2.95.

But there is an info in current mplayer DOCs that gcc 3 is NOT recomended
(and someone have said even 3.0.3 is still buggy) but in the FAQ there IS
recomended (at least) 3.0.1 from gcc3 series. So what IS officialy
recomended by mplayer developers: Can I use 3.0.3 e.g.?
I wish some test-progs exist to test which gcc-s have which bugs
(e.g. for mmx/sse compilation bugs), anyone do know about some?

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