[MPlayer-users] New dxr3/h+ stuff in mplayer

David Holm dholm at iname.com
Thu Jan 17 11:38:02 CET 2002

I just commited the brand new dxr3 driver for mplayer. Currently seeking
is broken (it will break a/v sync) it will warn you if you try seeking.
Please test this version and give me some feedback on it, it will
require that you get the em8300 driver from cvs as it uses some new
(previously undocumented) features of the em8300. It should give proper
playback on very slow machines (i.e. P-133) and very fast machines
(800MHz+), but I need feedback on this. And people, please use
microcode2.bin from the h+ driver (yes, on the dxr3 as well) as this is
the newest version of the microcode, I'm not sure all older versions
will work with this new engine.
I will fix seeking as soon as possible (we need a flush function in
em8300_fifo, but I couldn't get it to work yesterday)

//David Holm

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