[MPlayer-users] Gamma problem in MPlayer.

Dan Naumov jago at telefragged.com
Wed Jan 16 18:55:02 CET 2002


I am using adjusted (increased) gamma in X, since due to some weirdness
with my GeForce DDR, everything appears too dark. The gamma is increased
in all apps, including games (also full-screen), however not in MPlayer.

This is unfortunate, as it makes me unable to watch any movies. I've
tried switching the renderers and tried all of them (I have xv, x11, png
and null avaible) with no effect. I am running the GUI version of
Mplayer 0.60 on XFree 4.1.0.

The program I am using to alter the gamma in X is called tkgamma and it
can be found at: http://pixel.fairyden.net/tkgamma/

Any suggestions ?

Dan Naumov

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