[MPlayer-users] Playing on specifc Xinerama screen with latest CVS

dan carter dcarter at waitaki.otago.ac.nz
Wed Jan 16 01:00:09 CET 2002

"B. Johannessen" wrote:
> no, but quite a lot of us call a[0] the first element in the a[] array,
> and we call /dev/ttyS0 the first serial port, and localhost:0 the
> first local display.

Yes but most users aren't programmers.

Getting offtopic here, but people always tell me it's useful to have
arrays starting at 0 otherwise you have to sprinkle -1 all over the
place?  Anyone got an example?  I always find i have to sprinkle -1 s
all over the place exactly because they start from 0.

Eg in my xinerama patch, converting from english screen numbering to C
array indexs.
When testing if current array index is at the end i have to do if(
current_array_index == array_lengh - 1 )

Of course it's never going to change, cause changing after decades of
common useage in most programming languages is only going to cause a
million bugs.

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